Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Old Electrolux Vacuums Score Poorly In Our Emissions Test; What was Once Reliable Is No More

Of course, anyone who has an old Electrolux vacuum cleaner knows it has great suction. It has sure lasted the test of time. I'm not here to debate whether or not the "old style" Electrolux vacuum can suck the dirt up.

But...what I am here to state is that Electrolux spits the dust, dirt and microscopic organisms (i.e. dust mites) right back out …

Electrolux produces horrendous emissions. The moment you turn your “classic” Electrolux vacuum cleaner on, your house becomes much dirtier than before. With the lack of HEPA filtration, the dirt, dust, bacteria and other household contaminants are spewing right back out of the machine. See my YouTube video below with our emissions test here

I bring this up not only because it’s disgusting, but because it’s certainly hazardous to your health and others in your family. The reality is that it negatively affects you, and also damages YOUR parents, grandparents, or even great-grandparents health. Remember, the older generations largely own the older Electrolux vacuums, and this could be a source of serious health issues. According to Dr. James Sublett, he estimates that the typical person will spend 600,000 hours of their life indoors (University of Louisville School of Medicine Preventive Health). With that, the older we get, the more time we spend indoors, and thus, makes it essential to have healthy indoor air quality.

Miele vacuums minimize the amount of dust and dirt that goes back into the air. So those that care about their personal and/or family member's well being, at some point, (hopefully) you're going to throw that old Electrolux vacuum away and upgrade to one that makes your environment cleaner, more livable and healthy.

In terms of the NEW Electrolux vacuums on the market…Unfortunately, the Electrolux vacuums that you currently see at stores are not made the same way as they used to.
What once was a classy vacuum cleaner is no more as Electrolux, which is now owned by Eureka, continues to sell under the Electrolux/Aerus brand and has managed to increase the price to the consumer, while producing subpar quality (Electrolux is now entirely plastic). It is no longer reliable, and now made with fragile quality and accompanied by poor vacuum cleaner performance.

We suggest consumers (especially die-hard Electrolux fanatics, like your grandmother) examine new vacuum cleaners such as the Miele Vacuum that has produced technological innovations through the years that far surpass the “Eureka-lux.” That said, we refrain from giving Electrolux products the Consumer Reporter’s Green Seal of Approval.

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