Saturday, August 1, 2009

Backpack Vacuums - The Wave of the Future?

Have you ever lugged a suitcase around an airport for 20 minutes? Even worse, hauled that thing up a flight of stairs? That is a good example of what it's like pushing an upright vacuum around. Backpains and pulled muscles are not part of the job description—but they seem to be the result with most upright vacuum cleaners.

It’s so much easier to vacuum the floor with a backpack vacuum, especially if your doing a lot of vacuuming. You don’t have to drag around a cord and you can get carpet and other places in one sweep. Save about a good half-hour of cleanup. BackPack vacuums such as the Perfect Backpack Vacuum, the ProTeam Back Pack and this Commercial BackPack Vacuum use a mountaineering-style back plate and harness that positions the weight of the vacuum on the strongest part of the human body—the waist. The corresponding side-to-side motion of the wands minimizes the stress placed on the torso. Easy-to-reach accessory tools eliminate bending over and make detail work and reaching tall areas a breeze.

All this, plus we have read studies about the increase in productivity with backpack vacuums - it can be up to 70% with out adding staff.

Some backpack vacuum cleaner models we suggest:

These 2 back pack vacuum models are highest quality, yet cheapest backpack we have found on the market.
- Commercial Backpack Vacuum
- Perfect Model PB1006 Commercial Back Pack Vacuum Cleaner

Other great backpacks which are more powerful, but slightly more expensive:
- ProTeam Sierra PV-103243 Backpack Vacuum Cleaner w/ P3 E-Z Glide Commercial Kit
- ProTeam Sierra PV-103242 Backpack Vacuum Cleaner w/ Commercial Power Nozzle Kit

- ProTeam PV-103244 Everest Backpack Vacuum w/ (P3) E-Z Glide Commercial Kit
- ProTeam ProVac PV100 BackPack Vacuum Cleaner with Restaurant Kit

Good luck and let us know if you have any questions.