Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Best Stain Remover

Stain removal is both an art and a science. We have tested almost every stain remover on the market - this is the only one that works. Particularly without the bothersome side effects. The Lindhaus Pure Power Ultimate Stain Remover is available in concentrate and also environmentally responsible. It is currently recognized as removing +2,300 identifiable spots and stains. See our YouTube Video by clicking here.

Linhaus Pure Power Ultimate accomplishes this with a balance of organic alcohols and biodegradable cleaning essentials that are truly environmentally friendly. Other products set the stain when they fail to remove it, which lasts in a everlasting stain.

The Lindhaus Pure Power Stain remover works on any stain, organic or non-organic and goes right to work. Because of its organic alcohol base and trace essentials, it is virtually residue free when used as directed.

Absolutely removes coffee, tea, axle grease, urine, wine, chocolate, cosmetics, blood, paint, syrup, egg, vomit, sun tan lotion, salad dressing, 3 in one oil, ketchup, mustard, tar, garden soil, mayonnaise, lipstick, feces, gravy, fruit juice, soda, grass, varnish, eye shadow, shoe polish, beer, wax, butter, coal, lacquer, jam, and at least 2265 unlisted stains.

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