Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner - All Hype, No Substance

Consumers, don’t believe the hype. Dyson boasts that its vacuum 1) does not loose suction and, 2) contains a lifetime HEPA filter. Remember the old adage, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Marketing sells and James Dyson has glamorized a mediocre vacuum into a fashion symbol. Now people over pay pay over $500 for a machine that lacks convenience, performance, quality emission controls and much needed vacuum bags.

Unfortunately, Dyson is not as good at engineering as they are at marketing. When the vacuum breaks down, the machine must be entirely disassembled to get to the brushroll and belt, which require special tools as well as training. This is a serious problem, if you want serviceability and ease of maintenance. Moreover, replacement parts are very expensive and finding someone to perform the repairs will cost you $.

We have tested the Dyson with our particle counter and it does not meet HEPA standards – meaning it does not effectively trap over 99.97% of all fine dust, pollen, and other particles. While Dyson vacuums do not have bags, it is actually more of a weakness than strength.

In our YouTube video below, we point out that if you’re going to dump your dirt into a bag anyways, wouldn’t you rather just put it directly into a true bag made for vacuum cleaners, one that is sealed and traps the dust without forcing you to breathe all the particles and contamination? Take our word for it, the Dyson is disgusting to empty and it fills up quickly (agian, see our YouTube video for more).

From a historical and also quality perspective, up until the year 2000, Dyson licensed its design to a US distributor named Phantom (think QVC infomercials), which went out of business. Little did you know that Dyson is actually a re-branded Phantom! Dyson pulled the agreement, and came to the US with the same vacuum design and increased the price and, of course, its marketing efforts.

Don’t be a victim of brilliant marketing - the Dyson is overpriced and underperforms. All in all, the Dyson does not meet the Consumer Reporter’s Green Seal of Approval qualifications.

What say you Dyson?