Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Dirt Devil Vacuum - The Ultimate Throw-away, Made to Break

The ultimate throw-away vacuum – made to break. While the successes of the Dirt Devil Hand-Vac are most known to the consumer, the high emissions (See our YouTube video for more), lack of workmanship, deteriorating quality, and poor suction power keep us on the sidelines.

We note that in 2004, the Dirt Devil Company was purchased by Hong Kong-based Techtronic, enabling you to buy a cheaper and inferior quality product that still carries a familiar American name-brand. Dirt Devil has steadfastly been declining in quality, negatively impacting the vacuum’s construction, suction, performance, emission quality and features. Deteriorating quality has essentially plagued Dirt Devil now for the past 15 years or more, as the company boasts its name brand while ignoring the customer’s needs.

These vacuums are manufactured entirely of plastic parts, without a bypass system – everything goes through the fan and through the motor, meaning the vacuum breaks down easily and rapidly. We refrain from any positive endorsement as the vacuum does not meet the Consumer Reporter’s Green Seal of Approval standards. In order for us to revisit our rating, Dirt Devil vacuum must manufacture a product that traps the dust, enhance its quality, technologically innovates and sells consumers a product that does not break down.

Through our particulate analysis below, it proves that dirt, dust and contaminants are leaking out of the Dirt Devil Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner. Watch and learn as I perform a side-by-side comparison with the Miele. My findings prove that the Miele Vacuum is completely sealed and truly is HEPA sealed. Wouldn't you rather have a vacuum cleaner that is sealed?