Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Know the difference – TRUE HEPA vs. FAKE HEPA

TRUE HEPA vacuums and air purifiers trap the dust and particles with a minimum efficiency of 99.97%, up to 0.3 microns – as measured with my particle counter seen in my You Tube videos.

Over the years, HEPA filtration has become a marketing scheme deployed by both vacuum cleaner and air purifier manufacturers to lure customers to buy products that do not meet the HEPA definition. Most vacuums and air cleaners that I have tested on the market claim to be “HEPA,” however, lack the filtration efficiency and other important benefits that are intrinsic to HEPA technology – so they are “fake HEPA.” They are simply imposters that do not deliver what they claim – in other words, they do not trap the dust.

To precisely find real HEPA machines, I test products (where the air flows through) with the particle counter. It is important to note, that I not only test the middle of the filter, but also the side edges and other areas of the chasis, where more often than not, there is high readings due to leakage.

I know first hand how air-quality effects health, as I suffer from asthma. Like me and many others that suffer, we know all too well how important it is to breathe clean air. So we run out to the nearest store, seeking to alleviate our symptoms by buying products with the words “HEPA” glued to the vacuum/purifier edifice. In order to trap the smallest particulate, the vacuum and air purifiers must be totally sealed (my particle counter down to 0).
Manufacturers are doing an injustice to the asthmatic/allergic consumer, tricking them into “HEPA” products that have no validity to their claims, whatsoever. To place a FAKE HEPA filter in a vacuum and claim it is HEPA is just misleading the public. I call it what it is – fraud. To include a real HEPA filter in a vacuum/air purifier that does not have the infrastructure in place to attain the HEPA standard (meaning it is not sealed is also fraud!)

Defective products that do not work as stated should be returned to the manufacturer for FULL refund.
We as consumers are entitled to the truth. You deserve the REAL thing. Know the difference before you buy. BUY RIGHT.