Friday, March 30, 2007

Vacuum Cleaners That Do Not Work

American consumers have acquired a bad habit –

Purchase first, try later.

Nowadays, consumers’ go to big-box stores, with empty-jackets for help and buy a vacuum cleaner based on 4 principles: name, color, font and price. There are no professionals to ask a question to.

By the time you open the box and turn the vacuum on, most find the appliance to be useless and never return it. It breaks down (usually after one-year) and the cost to repair the vacuum cleaner is greater than the purchase of a new machine. As a result, the vacuum cleaner is kicked to the curb, found with a white-paper attached to it that says “FREE.”

Among the top ten vacuum cleaners that breakdown within one year are:

  1. Hoover
  2. Eureka
  3. Kenmore
  4. Shark
  5. Oreck
  6. Electrolux
  7. Bissell
  8. Oxygen
  9. Dirt Devil
  10. Dyson .....(Yes, even the Dyson will breakdown - Ranked as the least reliable vacuum cleaner on the market, but also the one most likely to be recommended by a friend).

The department store and manufacturers keep selling the same garbage that breaks just by picking up a nickel, dime or penny. They know only a small percentage will be returned.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are in a new era – The Throw Away Era.

WAKE UP AMERICA. These so called quality name brand manufactures are the ones producing the garbage you buy and the discount stores are dishing you the “dirt.”

It is time for consumers to stand-up to the manufacturers and big-box stores. How do you do this?

Take back control, return items that don’t work. Ask for your hard earned dollars back. Educate yourself before buying. Don’t act oblivious to the shopping world around you.If you made purchased a crappy vacuum once, shame on them. If you did it twice, shame on you. Search out stores that will gladly answer all your questions, show you products that work and also compare by the merits of each product. Check out your independent vacuum dealer nearest you or just visit my website. How about this, just call me, ask for Gerry as I will walk you through your needs and gladly provide free advice.

Support your local stores. Some may say, but why Gerry? We have to pay more money! Yes you will, but you will be getting quality machines and impeccable service.

You have a choice: buy MULTIPLE cheesy plastic vacuums over the next 10 years, or buy ONE vacuum that you can use for the rest of your lifespan.