Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Review Of The IQAir Health Pro by Diana Forbes, a.k.a. Gadget Grrl™

Purifying the air is a simple concept. The air purifier either does what it is supposed to do (cleans the air you breath) or it just doesn't. Simple. We have reviewed the IQAir it is has exceeded any other air purifier on the market, to date. Click the link here to see our independent video review again for the IQAir Health Pro Air Purifier. What we also recently discovered is that we are not alone on our review. Gadget Grrl, whose column runs on the HouseKeeping Channel also reviewed the IQAir. Her write-up is below.

Review Of The IQAir Health Pro by Diana Forbes, a.k.a. Gadget Grrl™
Product Review by Diana Forbes, a.k.a. Gadget Grrl™

There are air filters/cleaners and then there are mega machines such as the IQAir Health Pro.

The problem with air filters is that you have to filter through all the scientific jargon on the back of the box to find out if they do what they claim. Recently, I had to do just that to try and find the best filter for my office. What I discovered is that there are fans that blow air through a grill and call themselves filters, filters that “technically” do take some bad stuff out of the air, and filters that really work...In the last category is the IQAir Health Pro.

The unit arrived with enough technical info, and certifications, to satisfy a Nobel Prizewinning scientist, and some of the best independent data out there.

From a technical standpoint, the unit uses three modular filters that together exceed the efficiency of most filters for the home by more than 100 times. And to back up these claims each unit comes with a certificate of performance that details the test results for your machine. Not for a machine like yours but your very machine.

An interesting user story was about a woman who lived in an apartment above another woman who was a chain smoker. The woman upstairs bought the smoker downstairs an IQ unit to place in her apartment. Talk about going to the source of the problem. But the smoking woman kept forgetting to turn on the unit, so the woman upstairs got a remote control from the manufacturer and now lives in a smoke-free environment. Problem solved!

There is a digital read out that states the remaining life on the filter, thus taking out all the guesswork, and changing filters does not require tools. In short, this is one of the best products we have seen in the Gadget Grrl Labs in quite awhile. A real breath of fresh air!

About The Reviewer: Diana Forbes, a.k.a. Gadget Grrl™, loves sharing the latest and greatest technology with consumers. She appears on national and local television shows featuring live demos of the latest trends in consumer products.

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Reprinted from Floor Care Professional magazine, January