Thursday, January 3, 2008

Truthfully cleaning the air, Honestly trapping the dirt we vacuum

I try to have open lines of communications with anyone who is truly interested in quality tried-and-tested products for cleaning the home. From my YouTube videos to, emailing or even my brick and mortar AAA Vacuum and Allergy Relief store, I have have created an open business model - to expose the truth about cleaning the air we breathe and honestly trapping the dirt we vacuum.

Over the past months, I have received many emails of folks thanking me for my efforts, but with little media attention. Finally, our local paper here in New Jersey acknowledged us. They should be writing this blog. See below write-up!

Most homes are filled with dust mites (and their excrement), pollen, pet dander, and other pollutants that you can't see with the naked eye. With a multitude of air purifiers and vacuum cleaners on the market that claim to be HEPA – how do you know for sure?

Gerry Rubin, local business owner of AAA VAC in Watchung and recently started a blog called "Consumer Reporter," as a vehicle to educate consumers about the vacuum and air purification market. Gerry as also been on ABC'S channel 7 new series called "I-CAUGHT". As an environmental engineer Gerry has tested hospitals in the Philippines, zone b of the world trade center and spoken with international Governor Peter laurel of the Philippines. We take air quality for granted in the United States. Children in 3rd world countries are dying in the thousands from unhealthy air. Air quality in U.S. homes is just as bad.

What is even more interesting is to be found in Gerry's YouTube videos, particularly in his discussion surrounding vacuum and air purification filters and sealed systems. Gerry has tested countless vacuums and purification systems that claim to be HEPA but, in fact, actually lack HEPA filtration efficiency. He goes on to say "they
simply do not deliver what they claim--- they do not trap the dust to 99.97%, up to 0.3 microns." To find real HEPA machines, Gerry tests products (where the air flows through) with an actual particle counter (like the ones used at Ground Zero in NYC to test airborne contaminations). He not only tests the middle of the filter but also
the side edges and other areas of the chassis where, more often than not, there is a high reading due to leakage.

Notably, Gerry also tests products that work – he has found vacuums and air purifiers on the market that does trap the dust. His particulate analysis reveals both the Miele and IQAir brands offer completely sealed systems which are truly HEPA, and help to keep the dirt and dust where it should be – in the machine. Thus far, he has posted 9 tests on Youtube of the more popular vacuums and air purifiers on the market. I highly suggest you check to see if your vacuum or purifier is tested – you should see what he reveals!

Simply go to and search for Hoover Vacuum or Oreck Vacuum. Operating under the alias of "Consumer Reporter," he will surely be one of the first to be displayed. He also performs particle tests on vacuums and air purifiers in his
store too. Bring in your machines and see what he discovers. He's been in business for over 30 yrs and AAA VAC (formerly Westfield Vacuum & Allergy Relief) carries a complete line of cleaning solutions for a healthy home. He installs sealed central vacuum systems. Repairs and service are also done on site as well as in home. Feel free to call him at 908-668-4600 with any questions or visit his blog at and his website

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